We address all aspect of the business Requirements and projects by providing a range of Services,while you are concentrating on your core business. Our streamline services make it easy and offer you a clear competitive advantage. To enable us to compete in a dynamic market challenge, we also provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.

We are aiming to aggressively enter the specific business sector through a fair competition by offering Competitive Prices and solution as the advantages.

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PT Swincor Pratama founded in year 2005 which was a privately held company as a general supplier prior established as a company on 2009.

Since its inception to the market, we are progressing to enter the sectoral market. Starting the business as a general supplier, and now we are providing end to end solution to meet your business demand.

We focus to operate the business with a low and efficient operational costs to enable us to have a competitive advantage against giant company, while we are busy developing and maintaining to build network and partnership with the principle.


We offer you an emerging range of services for end-to-end Solution to meet your business needs


Our Company vision and mission is part of our business DNA. We work professionally both horizontally with the partner, and vertically with all of our clients through integrity, accountability, passion, humility and simplicity of all the process.

Company Vision and Mission

  • Always presence to our client when needed.

  • Constantly create value for customers

  • Respect employees’ personalities and diversity as well to invest in the career development and quality of live

  • Responsive and excellence services to deliver outstanding services to meet client satisfaction

  • Focusing to build long term relation with every customer regardless the size of their company

Our Culture

  • Commit to deliver business activity day to day operation, work and project safely to anyone surrounding us.

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We need people with integrity, committed to teamwork, experienced, professional, have proven their ability to deliver, able to adapt, change and learn.
Join us with your talent and expertise to contribute the company success.
Send your Resume to Human.Resources@Swincor.com.

• We offer a challenging job together with the team to develop the company business for a sustainable growth.
• Tangible reward concept for all the achievement will be recognises based on performance and target achievement.
• Renumeration elements are base salary, taxes in compliance with the regulation and employee benefit.

• Individual base salary reflects the employees’ responsibilities, experienced and competence.
• We retained talented people.
• Individual Development plan in the areas of expertise and job function to ensure you have a fulfilling, long term career inline with your strength and ambitions .
• Equality and Diversity.

• We set a clear responsibilities, challenging target for our employee to deliver their best performance to achieve a sustainable results
• We require the leader within the organization to deliver exceptional performance , demonstrating strong commitment to the business and its people.
• Actively promote and implement Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in day-to-day activity to peers, colleagues, client and supplier.
• We do care to each other within the company organization

• We do not accept any form of discrimination includes unequal treatment, exclusion or preference on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, religion, political views, national or ethnic origin or other similar circumstances that result in the setting aside or compromising the principle of equality.
• We retain the best talent from diversity of each individual.
• We believe success come from everyone difference to give their best effort to company.
• We promote positive environment where everyone can deliver their idea and innovation to contribute to company success.

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This pages to provide all the information in relate for our company business which include to cover for the technology update, our product, People, Our Corporate Social responsibility, and more important about the Health & Safety Campaign.


Our friendly team are available to addressed your concern. Reach out to us anytime, and we’ll happily answer your questions, inquiries, issues, and feedback.

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